Host of the podcast Utter Brilliance & Named one of the Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts in the U.S.


Marisa Creates Engagement

If you want employees and customers who are passionately connected to your brand, Marisa’s the thought leader to keep your eyes on. Named one of the Top Engagement Experts in the country she has spent the past ten years studying and working inside companies that have achieved unparalleled success creating Brand Champions and climbing the rankings on both the Fortune 500 and Best Place to Work lists. She and her team have figured out the nuances that have helped leaders within these companies achieve such high levels of engagement.

Whether you’re the CEO with a vision to create customer Brand Champions who amplify your message or the HR Pro who has been charged with increasing employee engagement, you’ll benefit from the discoveries Marisa has made and the tools and resources she and her team have created.

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